FDR Training, Featuring cyberFEDS Users Group | August 6 - 9, 2024 Caribe Royale Orlando

FDR Training reviews from your fellow federal professionals …

See what past attendees of FDR Training have to say about their experience at the preferred annual professional development event for federal practitioners and the top-notch training they received on how to comply with current mandates while addressing top workplace challenges.
FDR Training Attendees

“I was blown away by what FDR Training provided me. I felt motivated and always looking forward to my next training session. The conversations that occurred at the end of the day were uber awesome! The networking was golden!”

“As a seasoned professional in my field, I like FDR Training best. I sometimes attend a few other training classes, but it’s the same course over and over and after 14 years in practice I find they don’t offer much that’s new. FDR is where it’s at!”

“I really had a great learning experience, and the networking was helpful and enjoyable.”

Sherley L. Jones Jr.
EEO Specialist, NASA

“FDR Training was more than I expected. Excellent speakers and just a great experience!”

Lisa McManamay
EEO Manager

“The sessions I attended were very informative and on point with issues I’m dealing with in my job.”

Monica Myers
Program Analyst, Department of Veterans Affairs

“FDR was a great learning experience for me. The speakers provided material and valuable information that enhanced my knowledge in the area of Employee Labor and Management Relations and I gained a deeper understanding of the various subject matter presented.”

Toni Hightower-Palmer
Human Resources Specialist,
Bureau of Engraving and Printing, Department of Treasury

“Every FDR session gave me practical ideas that were directly applicable to my job!”

Kayona Dade
Human Resources Specialist, Department of Homeland Security

“The FDR speakers were excellent, with a good variety of AJs.”

David Lee
Human Resources, NOAA

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